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What kind of a PROBLEM SOLVER are you?

Are you a Thinker or a Detective? Might you solve problems like famous Adventurers or Listeners? Or are you a Visionary going your own way?

Take this quiz, powered by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn's decision making system PROBLEM SOLVED and make big decisions better!

Select the answer that feels most right to you.

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What does your PROBLEM SOLVER Profile say about you? Cheryl explains:

We make thousands of decisions every day - from when to wake up to whether to have a late night snack - and we make them quickly, and largely unconsciously. But what happens when we face a high stakes decision? Knowing your PROBLEM SOLVER Profile will help you learn about your decision-making strengths and your potential blind spots, those mental shortcuts that help us make small decisions well but that can hinder our insight, understanding and creativity when solving high stakes problems.

With PROBLEM SOLVED (powered by the AREA Method) you will:

  • Take a personality quiz to learn how you make decisions
  • Get clear on what problem you're solving
  • Identify what matters most to you and what you'd count as success
  • Get into action with your PROBLEM SOLVER Profile
  • Receive Problem Solving tools customized to your PROBLEM SOLVER Profile

A Good Process + Good Information = Great Decisions

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